Junk Yards in Oak grove, Kentucky

Name: Quality Auto Parts of Kentucky
City: Oak grove, Kentucky
Phone: (800) 918-3715

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City: OAK GROVE 42262
Phone: (502)4393773
Address : HIGHWAY 911

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Name: Oak Grove Auto Salvage
City: OAK GROVE 42262
Phone: (270)439-4040
Address : 424 Walter Garrett Lane

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Oak grove, KY is a great area in which to live and work. Many people who live in Oak grove own vehicles and just as many more live outside Oak grove but commute by car to work and play here. This Oak grove is at the center of the Oak grove metropolitan area and has many salvage yards spread throughout the surrounding region. With this large number of people living nearby, the salvage yards here always have an ample inventory of the parts you might need to fix your vehicle. The auto recyclers of Oak grove work hand in hand with its citizens to fight the rising prices of operating and maintaining the vehicles needed to work and thrive here in Oak grove.


Although there is a good public transportation system within Oak grove, many people commute from the surrounding suburbs and rely heavily on their vehicles. The junk yards located here offer a great opportunity to help the environment and save money at the same time. By purchasing salvage vehicles and reselling the parts from it that are still in great working order, salvage yards or auto recyclers as they are now called, provide a way for consumers to access the parts needed to repair their vehicles at a substantially lower cost. Oak grove auto recyclers are also helping the environment by keeping inoperative vehicles out of landfills.


Most auto recyclers located in and around Oak grove work in conjunction with local and federal environmental agencies to recover and properly store hazardous waste leftover from the disposal of inoperative motorcycles. Without the participation of auto recyclers in Oak grove, most of these toxic waste products would soon find their way into our air and ground water. You can feel confident that the auto recyclers here in Oak grove can find you the part you need. With computerized inventory and working in combination with other auto recyclers around the country, they have the means to locate the part you are looking for even it's a thousand miles away.